Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Public Comments

The East Falls Community Council held a public meeting with the East Falls Development Corporation and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s design team on the evening of August 10, 2009 for an open conversation about a conceptual design proposal for integrated streetscape improvements and stormwater management along Midvale Avenue from Ridge to Warden Drive.

Overall the public’s comments were positive. The PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded by clicking here. Comments were recorded according to 3 segments of the design and are recorded below. We invite you to share your comments as well by posting to this blog.

Section 1 – Conrad Street to SEPTA station

*Why width of green way? By amount of H2O to store or other considerations – width of cartway calms traffic.

*Concern: parking - do not remove need to count spots

*NW cities may be ahead of us. Would design accommodate future land use on commercial side?

*SEPTA steps that lead down to Midvale – address this issue

*Pedestrian crossings – how to get across

*Maintenance a critical issue

*Look into porous pavement

*Bikes sharing vehicle lane – should not go above 20 mph

*Larger study area needed

*Congested intersection at Conrad & Midvale needs turning lanes

*Bikes pick up speed going down on coastway – should be segregated in both directions

Section 2: St Bridget’s to Business District

*No comments

Section 3: Business District

*Doesn’t like angle parking: back up hill not good

*Where are all utility poles – same location

*Frederick Street Narrow

*Angle back in parking works well in other cities


  1. The proposal looks beautiful.
    Two major concerns:
    1. A downhill bikelane is a must. With an 11 ft. cartway, bikes will not be able to travel safely. Bikes must travel far enough away from cars to avoid being hit by a car door when it is opened.
    2. Regardless of why so many people are parking on Midvale to take the train, the fact is, they do park there and we need people to keep using the train and to encourage more to do so. Parking space for the train is critical and should not be reduced.

  2. The plan is beautiful, in theory. Taking away parking spaces make no sense, especially around the train station. Adding the corner bump outs at Warden/Conrad and Midvale looks like it would eliminate the ability to have 2 lanes of traffic moving at one time, the big concern rush hour: one turn and one straight lane.

    I am also concerned as to how the areas will be kept weed and trash free.

  3. I think it is GREAT all the hard work that has gone into the planning to improve East Falls. One concern that I have is the constant trash that continues to plague the intersection of Midvale and Ridge. It this a resource issue that we can't have street cleaning daily or event twice daily in this area? I think this will greatly improve the attractiveness and doesn't require construction.

  4. Beautiful proposal..we are moving to east falls soon. The new proposal gives us enough incentive to move..

  5. This makes me really excited. I live in EF and bicycle up Midvale often with a trailer. I think it's a great idea to get rid of the parking spaces for a bicycle lane. Just add more bicycle racks @ EF Station... that would solve the problem of lost parking spaces.